Blake Merrill

Blake Merrill



Clean and Jerk-205

Back Squat-305


100k Ultra-Marathon

Black Belt in Karate


CrossFit L1 Certificate

Bachelors Degree in Sport Management

with Minors in Coaching and Business Admin.

About Coach

Growing up I was always an athlete, I played everything, but the ones I truly loved were hockey and baseball. In High School, I was a three-sport Varsity Letterman and All-Academic. Hockey has always been my true passion, however, I was fortunate enough to play collegiate baseball at Bluffton University while working towards my Sport Management degree. My four years on the team had their ups and downs but in the end, my role was to do whatever my team needed me to do to win. I won the HCAC Sportsman Award for baseball in my Senior Year as well as an All-Academic Athlete. After college, I coached baseball and worked as an equipment manager for a Junior A hockey team. Again, doing anything I could to help my team win. In the end, I am a hockey player, it's in my blood. Everything about the game keeps me coming back for more. I have made many connections through this game and it has always been there for me ever since I stepped on the ice as a kid. I only play rec-league now, but every time I get the opportunity to step on the ice, everything else that is going on in life fades away and I am just there to play the game that I love. Throughout my life thus far, I have learned a few things: 1) If it was easy, everyone would do it. 2) It’s better to be consistently good, than occasionally great. 3) There are two wolves inside all of us, one that brings us joy and positivity and one with self-doubt and negativity. Only one can eat, which one are you going to feed?

Turning Point

I had always been a chunky kid and I have struggled with my weight and body image. After college, it finally clicked, that I had to make a change. Not just small ones here and there because that didn’t work. This had to be a whole life change with everything I did. Creating better eating habits and focusing on my quality of life. I can now say those changes that I created truly changed my life for the better, and for the rest of my life. In 2020 something in my mind finally had enough. I decided I was coasting through life and not trying to grow as a person. My entire life there were two things I did not like doing: those being reading and running. So my fix to that was making myself read and run until I didn’t hate them any longer. This was a huge turning point in my life. It was the first time I really realized how discipline and consistency will allow you to chase after whatever goal it is that you have. The first book I read was “25 Hours a Day” by Nick Bare (I highly recommend this book and give Mr. Bare a follow on social media!) and my running consisted of a 3-mile route by my house. I read one book a month and ran that route 3 times a week. Developing these habits allowed my mind to be open to what is possible for me. Everything started falling into place. To speed this up I found CrossFit and ran my first race. CrossFit has truly changed my life. It was the one thing I could compete at once again. And I fell in love with everything about it! So much so that I decided to take it a step further and get my CrossFit Level-1. For me, I learned that to change a weakness or change something that you don't like there is no other option than to run straight at it. Once you start to challenge yourself you are constantly in search of what you can conquer next!

Motivation & Passion

I am here to push myself to my limits and give everything I have to chase after my goals, to show others that if you want it badly enough and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get there, anything is possible. It just takes one step at a time and believing that you can conquer anything if you have the right mindset. Developing mental strength and fortitude truly changed my life and developing the discipline to determine if all of life's choices will get me closer to my goals or not, is very powerful. I truly love helping people. I love to see someone learn a new skill, develop a positive life habit, do something new and see their hard work pay off. The feeling you get when you truly help someone is indescribable. At the end of the day, all I am here to do is help go after your goals or give you that small nudge to get you headed down the right path. That path is endless for each and every athlete I work with, you can take it as far as your mindset can create.

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